Discontinuing Web Services

As of  September 01, 2016 I will no longer be offering Web Services as part of the Shenfield Consulting Inc. portfolio. New customers will not be engaged and I will work with existing customers on a smooth transition to whichever new provider they choose.

I started working on the web in late 1996 and have provided personal, expert service since then to a number of happy customers across Canada. Many of those customers are now my friends and I will miss working with them.  It is hard to believe that I have done this work for 20 years!

I will continue with Program and Project Management consulting services as well delivering Education through RRC,  MITT and privately.

RRC 10 years +

I received a strange package in the mail today. Opening it with curiosity I discovered a certificate of appreciation from RRC acknowledging 10 years of service! It was a nice gesture and I appreciate the thought.

I actually started in January 2005 by developing a version of the Distance Education PMF course which went live in May 2005 . My first in class course was fall of that same year. Since then I have been happy to have had at least 1600 students go through the course in one form or another! Many of them remain my  friends, students, mentorees, co-workers, customers and/or suppliers.

Not sure how many more times I will be able to do the course but hopefully for a while yet!



The in-class course for PMF finished up today. The class was successful and as always it was a great group of interesting students from a variety of backgrounds. I learned a lot and the journey was fun! The presentations were all excellent and creative.  Congratulations to everyone for doing so well!

RRC Case Analysis

The Case Analysis course delivered April-June 2016 was a great success. Everyone participated fully and shared their experiences openly so we were able to learn a lot and have an interesting time at the same time. My sincere thanks to all the students. It was fun and I wish you all the best upon your completion of the RRC Project Management Certificate program.