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Goodby MTS

For 25+ years I have led or participated in projects as a PM, Senior PM and Program Manager. This includes all sorts of IT projects: application development, systems design, database design, network upgrade projects, Y2K, insourcing and outsourcing, new system implementations, computer upgrades and so on.

Since 2009  I have worked continuously at MTS as a contract PM/Program Manager in IT (3 years), Network Services (6 months) and their Marketing Product Development Centre (3 years).

I completed my latest contract at the end of November 2015 and I am now determining what to do next. My preference would be to contract with a company directly.  I am aware that many companies don’t like dealing with independents and prefer to deal with vendors on their preferred lists. I do have good relationships with several ‘agencies’ that place contractors.

If you have an opportunity or would like to discuss future ones please contact me.

Steve Thompson, PMP
Shenfield Consulting Inc.