RRC PMF January 2018

I will be returning to the Red River classroom in January 2018 to teach Project management Fundamentals. The course dates are January 11- March 22 at the downtown Roblin campus (Princess Street). For more information about the Project Management Program and to enroll in specific courses please visit the Red River College web site.

RRC 2017 Teaching Excellence Award

I was honoured to receive the Red River College (RRC) Continuing Education 2017 Teaching Excellence Award.  Amanda Simpson (RRC) was kind enough to make the following remarks:

” Steve Thompson has been a Project Management instructor (in IT and Professional Studies) for the last 12 years, and has been instrumental in the development of the Project Management Fundamentals course content.

He’s also developed a reputation for always putting his students first — finding ways to adapt his teaching methods to best reach them, and regularly updating content to ensure it’s relevant and easy to follow.

Steve further enriches the learning for students by drawing on his vast experience leading and working in project teams, according to his nominators.

Mr. Thompson holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute, and has served on the board for PMI’s Manitoba chapter of which he is still a member. He graduated from ConEd’s Digital A/V Production program in 2010.

And this year, … [he is] a very worthy recipient of ConEd’s Teaching Excellence Award, presented annually to those who demonstrate innovative and effective teaching practices, a willingness to assist and mentor students, and an appreciation for (and response to) diversity among students.

(Here is a link to the full blog post that described the presentation event).

Discontinuing Web Services

As of  September 01, 2016 I will no longer be offering Web Services as part of the Shenfield Consulting Inc. portfolio. New customers will not be engaged and I will work with existing customers on a smooth transition to whichever new provider they choose.

I started working on the web in late 1996 and have provided personal, expert service since then to a number of happy customers across Canada. Many of those customers are now my friends and I will miss working with them.  It is hard to believe that I have done this work for 20 years!

I will continue with Program and Project Management consulting services as well delivering Education through RRC,  MITT and privately.

RRC 10 years +

I received a strange package in the mail today. Opening it with curiosity I discovered a certificate of appreciation from RRC acknowledging 10 years of service! It was a nice gesture and I appreciate the thought.

I actually started in January 2005 by developing a version of the Distance Education PMF course which went live in May 2005 . My first in class course was fall of that same year. Since then I have been happy to have had at least 1600 students go through the course in one form or another! Many of them remain my  friends, students, mentorees, co-workers, customers and/or suppliers.

Not sure how many more times I will be able to do the course but hopefully for a while yet!



The in-class course for PMF finished up today. The class was successful and as always it was a great group of interesting students from a variety of backgrounds. I learned a lot and the journey was fun! The presentations were all excellent and creative.  Congratulations to everyone for doing so well!

RRC Case Analysis

The Case Analysis course delivered April-June 2016 was a great success. Everyone participated fully and shared their experiences openly so we were able to learn a lot and have an interesting time at the same time. My sincere thanks to all the students. It was fun and I wish you all the best upon your completion of the RRC Project Management Certificate program.

Goodby MTS

For 25+ years I have led or participated in projects as a PM, Senior PM and Program Manager. This includes all sorts of IT projects: application development, systems design, database design, network upgrade projects, Y2K, insourcing and outsourcing, new system implementations, computer upgrades and so on.

Since 2009  I have worked continuously at MTS as a contract PM/Program Manager in IT (3 years), Network Services (6 months) and their Marketing Product Development Centre (3 years).

I completed my latest contract at the end of November 2015 and I am now determining what to do next. My preference would be to contract with a company directly.  I am aware that many companies don’t like dealing with independents and prefer to deal with vendors on their preferred lists. I do have good relationships with several ‘agencies’ that place contractors.

If you have an opportunity or would like to discuss future ones please contact me.

Steve Thompson, PMP
Shenfield Consulting Inc.

RRC Case Analysis – April 2016

For the first time I will be teaching the  in-class Project Management Case Analysis course. The course begins in April  2016 and runs through  until June.   If you are a prospective student please make sure you register at RRC in time for the class. I expect it to be informative and interesting.  It will be nice to work with students exiting the program.

RRC PMF – April 2016

I will be teaching the in-class Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) course  April  through June 2016.  If you are a prospective student please make sure you register at RRC in time for the class. I expect it to be informative and interesting once again.