RRC PMF – January 2016

I have been asked to teach the in-class Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) course starting in January 2016. If you are a prospective student please make sure you register at RRC in time for the class. I expect it to be informative and interesting once again.

RRC PMF – April 2015

The next in-class session of Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) at Red River College starts in April 2015. If you are a prospective student be sure to get your registration completed as soon as possible through  RRC Continuing Education. Classes fill up fast.

RRC PMF – January 2015

Another session of the Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) course started in January 2015 and runs through until March 26, 2015.  Steve is teaching 20 students from a variety of backgrounds how to apply the fundamental principles of project management.

Center for Crime & Terrorism Studies

The  Center for Crime and Terrorism Studies is an organization that conducts training for law enforcement and corporate security professionals worldwide on matters of terrorism and criminality. CCTS was formerly incorporated as the Center for Asian Crime Studies (CACS), and has modified its name and its mission to address changes in the needs of law enforcement.

No member of CCTS is compensated in any way for his or her participation in CCTS educational projects. Every one of these professionals has volunteered to help others learn how to defeat terrorism and crime, based on a lifetime of experience.

CCTS Goals & Objectives:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of research that will benefit law enforcement professionals worldwide.
  • Conduct independent research into critical areas of criminal justice interest.
  • Conduct specialized training of selected law enforcement personnel in investigative techniques and related cross-cultural issues.

We are pleased to be taking over web site support for this organization as of January 2015.